The Hazel Dell Commons is a commercial development off the SE corner of Highway 99 and 99th St. The site is three-acres with a 8,000 sqft commercial building, two duplexes and large undeveloped field. In 2013 the property owners began the journey to transition the site to be a gathering place for Hazel Dell, and move away from its historic use as an automotive repair business. 

The building now hosts three businesses: 

Suite 101 - Brothers Cascadia Brewing

Suite 103 - Crossfit Untamed

Suite 105 - Audio Source


Next steps:

First step was to move in neighborhood oriented businesses into the existing 8000 sqft building.

Second step: Prepare the field for an event space that we hope will become Hazel Dell's living room. We plan to host a weekly farmers market, increase our food cart pod size, host annual events, christmas tree sale, and much more.  

Third step: Build three new mixed-use buildings. 

Questions? Contact Warren Neth 360-771-1296